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Continental Rummy Bo

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If you have played Ruminio, you will enjoy an exciting game of Continental Rummy Bo. The game is known by many names so you may even be playing it already. It is called May I by the East Indies, Continental by South Delhi, Zoliky in Slovakia, and Double Deck Rummy Bo by the Irish. Whatever you choose to call it, you are in for a rush.

It is a historic game from which all the modern forms of double deck Rummy Bo were derived. Known throughout Europe, it was dubbed the continental game. The game, however, extends its reach beyond Europe, reaching as far as Canada, the United States, South America, and the Caribbean. 

Continental Rummy Bo was the longtime favorite of women, who used it during their afternoon chatter and pastime. However, in 1950 a new type of Rummy Bo called Canasta stole its place.

Although Continental Rummy Bo is built on a double-deck concept, it may use more than two. This depends on how many players are at the table. The number of players is divided by two to decide on the number of card decks to use. For example, 6 players will use three card decks.

  • Up to 4 players will use two decks.

  • 6 players need 3 decks.

  • 7 Players require 4 decks.

  • 9 Players will combine 5 decks

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How to Play Continental Rummy Bo?

The primary object of the game is to have the lowest penalty score after the game. The game is played with seven rounds and begins with each player drawing a single card from the deck. The player with the highest card will start dealing.

Subsequent card dealing is passed to the next player at the left hand of the initial dealer.

All 52 cards in a deck are used but the game also uses the two jokers. Learning how to play continental Rummy Bo is essential to winning and enjoying the game. You will need to know these basics:

  1. Each game consists of seven hands and has a separate requirement that must be met before the next hand may begin

  2. The game is based on establishing sets or grouping cards in trios. Red aces and jokers are wild cards.

  3. Once someone has met the hand requirements, everyone moves on to the next hand.

Hand Number

Requirement to Advance

Number of cards


Two Trios



One Trio and one straight



Two straights



Three trios



Two trios and one straight



Two straights and one trio



Three straights


Continental Rummy Bo is based on sets and runs. A set is built using three or more cards of the same face value. In the game, people may meet the criteria using a minimum of three cards or a trio.

A run is made up of four or more cards of the same set group in sequence – two, three, four, five, etc. A run may have a maximum of twelve cards and once the player has lowered a set, there can be no changes. That means that if your trios were lower numbers, you can only continue counting.

You won’t be allowed to change to face cards or other sets. Aces may be used as either low or high cards.  During most continental Rummybo rounds, some players may not be able to complete sets or runs.  The player may still down his hands during the seventh if there is enough to qualify.

How to Score Points in Continental Gin Rummy Bo?

Unlike poker and other card games, Continental Rummy Bo is based on earning fewer points. This means that the pointing system has been changed. High or face cards do carry the highest value but are least desirable.

The scoring system is as follows:

  • Cards from 2 to 9 value 5 points each. Players strive to build using these numbers.

  • 10 and face cards value 10 points each.

  • Aces score 20 points each.

  • Jokers carry the highest card value of 50 points each.

The scoring points in Continental Rummy Bo differ slightly from Gin Rummy Bo. In Gin Rummy Bo cards carry their printed values with Aces and Face cards carrying a value of 10 points.  Another noted distinction is that in Gin Rummy Bo, the players reserve their cards until the end, instead of meeting the progressive hand requirements.

Here are some tips to follow when playing a Continental game.

  • Refrain from drawing from the discards cards, unless it completes a run.

  • Pay attention to the other players’ draws from the discard heap.

  • Observe carefully what cards are being rejected by others.

  • Release higher face cards, jokers, or aces instead of lower ones.

  • Acquire high pairs as soon as possible in the game.

  • Go down early when possible.

There are many more continental Rummy Bo strategy guides online that can aid in bettering your gameplay.

How Many Cards Do You Get in Continental Rummy Bo?

A common question that people ask is to start playing continental Rummy Bo how many cards are distributed? In continental Rummy Bo a total of twelve cards are dealt to each player. Are required to discard and draw cards on their turns.

Continental Rummy Bo Card Game Rules  

Not all continental Rummy Bo rules are the same. Some even allow other rules to be broken. One example is the rule which prohibits playing out of turn. However, this rule as stated below allows the player to break this rule.

If a player selecting out of turn is not stopped before dumping, it transforms into a play and if any player tries to intervene he will lose his turn. 

Even though some rules for continental Rummy Bo may not be universally applicable, they must be added by the consent of all players in the game. One example is whether or not to use the two as an additional wild card.

The ever-growing web has brought the thrills of continental Rummy Bo online.  Many iGaming websites and some casinos have added the game to their portals. This has led to an increase in fans once more. One may have to ask, will Continental Rummy Bo return to its place as the most played of Rummy Bo games?

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